Split Air Conditioning Systems

Split air conditioning systems are those that have the air handler inside the room they are cooling and the compressor outside. Split air conditioning systems are ideal appliances for regulating the temperature in a single room or a small home such as a caravan or trailer.

Split Air Conditioning Systems

There are three basic types of aircon appliances, split air conditioning systems, central air conditioning systems and portable air conditioning systems. Each of these products has its own good points but there is a certain overlap as to their uses.

Central A.C. conditioning equipment are far and away the best for conditioning the atmosphere in a house or similar building. It also works out cheaper than having split air conditioning systems in every room.

Because central A.C. conditioner systems deal with all the air in all the rooms simultaneously, they are the most energy efficient cooling systems with the lowest energy consumption.

Portable air conditioning systems are all right for a small room for a short period of time. For example, if you wanted to smoke a cigarette while watching a film in the evening, a portable air conditioning system would take away the smell of the smoke and cool the room. It could be used in a trailer, a caravan or even a tent while on holiday.

Split air conditioner systems are like a half way house of the two above. They are not as powerful as central A.C. conditioner systems, but are much more powerful than portables. Whereas a portable would struggle with a largish room, you can get split air conditioning systems for almost any size room. They have both outdoor and indoor units and are ductless.

However, that is the rub, they can only cope with one room each really, unless you live in a small home like a trailer or caravan. Split air conditioning systems are designed to cope with only one room.

Therefore, if you had one in your home office, you would have to keep the door closed and people would have to nip in and out quickly to maintain the quality of the atmosphere inside. Likewise, if you had one in the living room, you would lose air quality every time you went to the kitchen or the bathroom.

The only room that it would be of much use is the bedroom as you can shut the door, go to sleep and you are unlikely to be roaming the house for seven or eight hours. However, once you have got used to the advantages of your A.C. conditioner unit, you may want other units in other rooms, in which case it would have been better to get a central system in the first place.

Modern split air conditioning units are extremely efficient at filtering out dust and pollutants, but if you have the need to filter out something specifically like pollen, check that the filters available for the model you like can do that job, because not all purifying filters can do everything.

Once you have one of these split air conditioning systems, make sure that you stick to the cleaning and maintenance routines or they could quickly become clogged and quality will deteriorate quickly.