Heat Air Conditioning

Heat air conditioning refers to a dual air conditioning and heating system. Such a heat air conditioning installation will keep your home at an even temperature throughout the year. This kind of system can be a split, one room system or a central unit that will deliver heat air conditioning to a whole house.

Heat Air Conditioning

Central heat air conditioning systems make use of ducting to deliver hot or cold air to every room in the house, whereas a split system is composed of two units: the air conditioner compressor will be outside, while the air handler and electric heater unit will be inside.
Heat air conditioning units offer the most efficiency in controlling the indoor air quality and the temperature of your house throughout the year. Technically, your heat air conditioning system will consist of three basic units: the A.C. system, the heating system (furnace) and the shared ducting and blower which will deliver whichever type of air that you select.

Joint heating and cooling systems will save you money because the air conditioning and heating units will share the blower and the ducting and the ducting alone can cost half the price of a central A.C. system.

Central heat A.C. systems are the best solution for controlling the environment in a house. A ‘standard system’ will usually service seven rooms, which is enough for a typical house. They can be extended to suit larger houses and other features can be added like a purification unit.

Once you have a heat air conditioning system in your house, you can also choose to add a feature to have an air purification unit built in line in the ducting behind the blower near the furnace, so that the indoor air quality, hot or cold, is superb, having been filtered and purified. That is a tremendous benefit and it is fairly cheap feature to install as well.

On the other hand, there are stand-alone cooling systems such as an air conditioner window unit with a heat pump, which are meant to service one room only. Such stand-alone systems are better suited for a trailer or caravan. Some people may only require heat air conditioning in the bedroom in order to get a good night’s sleep.

These units are a combination of the old electric hot air blower and an A.C. unit. In this case too, the blower is shared by the both systems. All of these systems should be installed by expert HVAC contractors.

Stand-alone air conditioner and heating units can also be portable. Some of the cheaper portable models are poor A.C units, but all right as heaters. However, the real problem lies in the fact, that if you use such a device in a house, you are restricted to one room and every time you open the door, unconditioned air mixes with what you have already cleaned which is wasting energy.

The only real way to go is by treating your whole living space simultaneously. For most people, this will mean a central heat air conditioning system in the basement, whereas a stand alone heat air conditioning system will suit an office, a trailer or a caravan.