Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs

Most people require emergency air conditioning repairs, right in the middle of the season when they need air conditioning the most because they did not do any aircon maintenance in the winter when it was cheaper to do so. If you need to carry out some emergency air conditioning repairs to your systems, there are a few things you can do yourself to tide you over.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs

The first thing to establish is broadly what is wrong with your heating and cooling system? Is the furnace firing up, is the blower working or is there ‘dirty air’ coming out of the vent in the ducting? Once you have established broadly where the problem exists, you can make up your mind whether you want to attempt these emergency air conditioning repairs yourself.

If the emergency aircon repairs involve electricity or gas, be particularly wary. If the furnace is not working, first check the fuel supply. Is there any fuel? If so, is the fuel filter blocked?

You could have had a batch of dirty fuel or the fuel container could be corroding, clogging your fuel filter with bits of rusty metal. You can clean this filter yourself, but first turn off the supply of fuel.

Is the blower turning? If not, has it become unplugged by animal interference? Is the cable still intact? If there is a fuse in the plug, change it. It might have shorted if it got wet or was nibbled by a rodent.

If they are working but the indoor air quality is bad, the first step is to clean the primary filter near the blower. Is it dirty or clogged? If so clean it with a stiff hand brush or / and wash in a little liquid (petrol for a wire filter or soapy water for a plastic one) and re-install it.

Check the filter in the main A.C. ducting. If that is clogged, tap it out. If it is beyond repair, take the filter out of the framework. Cut it out if you have to and put some newspaper (three pages thick) in there with random holes in it.

Hold it in place with an old pair of tights. Spray it with something sweet-smelling and you will have a make-shift filter until you can get to the shops. You cannot use this method near the blower in case it catches fire or melts, but you may be able to improvise something else.

If none of these emergency air conditioner repairs work, you will have to call out an HVAC contractor. If you have a service agreement with an HVAC company, this will only be a problem if you need emergency air conditioning repairs out of office hours, because emergency call out fees are notoriously expensive.

If all this fails, it could be a matter of air duct cleaning, which is probably a cleaning job more appropriate to an A.C cleaning service.

The best approach to emergency A.C. repair is to reduce the likelihood of of it arising by having your central air conditioning system serviced every winter and building up a good relationship with an aircon firm, so that if you desperately need emergency air conditioning repairs, you know that you will not be charged extortionate rates for emergency air conditioning repairs.