Central Air Conditioner Prices

In these days of global warming, more and more households are coming into the catchment areas where air conditioning may be desired. Central air conditioner prices vary, as you can well imagine, but the main factors in the price are local conditions, the equipment that you already have installed in your house and the features that you require. You need all this information before an HVAC contractor can give you a real quote.

Central Air Conditioner Prices

It is a simple fact that the planet is heating up so quickly and weather patterns have altered so much, that areas where people would have put up with a month or two of sticky weather every other year, now have to think about getting air conditioner units to improve the quality of the air by cooling it and cleaning it of dust and other pollutants.

The installation of air conditioning units is a growing trend in the temperate zones and also in other parts of the world as their affluence increases. It is worth adding certain features such as thermostats and an efficient furnace at the beginning if you can because they will all blend properly and come under the same warranty.

Factors that affect central air conditioner prices are the make of the system and the model; the size of the property that the air conditioner unit has to take care of; how hard it has to be able to work to produce the required temperature and what components you already have in your home such as ducting and a blower.

Depending on the above factors, central air conditioning prices can half from the norm or double. This obviously gives a lot of scope and ultimately you will have to do a bit or research, which is what I assume you are doing right now.

As I said above, central air conditioner prices depend on four main factors, so you have a lot of variables to juggle with if you want to guess a price. Another variable is where you live or what country you live in. It is obviously more expensive to keep a property at 21c in the US Virgin Islands than it is in North Carolina, for example. You may even need a more powerful air conditioning system too.

The make of the system will affect the air conditioner prices as will the cost of labor in your area. If you live outside a fairly large town or city, local expert HVAC contractors may be more expensive. If you want to have an air conditioning system that can also heat your house, this is another factor to affect central air conditioning prices.

A standard central air conditioning system can service up to seven locations in up to two zones. What this means is that the system can cool seven rooms in up to two locations. That is, say, six rooms in the house and a garden shed, for want of a better example. Or two small bungalows could share a system or a small guest house.

The systems that we are talking about deliver their cool air through ducting and this is one of the most important factors in central air conditioning prices. If you already have the ducting in place for a central heating unit, you can attach your air conditioning systems in line with that, thereby saving you roughly half the cost.

Depending on the make, model and your location, a central air conditioner as described above would cost you about $7,000 – $8,000 US. However, if you have ducting in place already, you could estimate $3,500 – $4,000.

To install central air conditioning and heating systems is a good home improvement, which should increase the value of your property and the best way to lower central air conditioner prices is to have the ducting built into a new home, although we often do not get the choice.